Trucking good food in the Tron

Nami Japanese Restaurant, Hood Street

Nami makes THE BEST sushi in town. I’ve been a fan of Nami for nearly 10 years. The sushi is fresh, delicious and trucking amazing.

I’ve never had a bad Nami experience – and that says a lot – absolutely ZERO tummy aches, and no meal has ever been less than perfect. 

Nami, it’s been a real pleasure knowing you, and I hope you never change.

The staff are lovely, they don’t seem to mind that I always order my sushi with ‘no sauce’, or that I order sushi rolls by the half roll (there’s nothing wrong with eating 12 pieces in one sitting eh?), or even that I frequently ring 10 minutes before they open to order my sushi to pick up because I’m such a desperate hungus.

Nami is also superb for other Japanese yumminess. My husband particular enjoys the spicy BBQ pork and gyoza.

I’m happy with just my sushi and a litre (or two) of their rice-a-licious green tea. <happy sigh>

Check out Nami on Facebook.

p.s. For the uninitiated, who may be thinking “how can you go wrong with sushi!?” I have this memory to share, which unfortunately was not the only dodge-o-sushi experience I’ve had:

In Dunedin years ago, my sister talked me into eating sushi from a mall. It was smothered in some kind of mayonnaise-ish sauce. I had to sprint back to her house, and ensconce myself in the bathroom for quite some time … it was “not lovely” as my friend Shan would say.

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