Pig out!

Oh god, my stomach is aching. Not in an ‘I’ve got the glutes’ kind of way, this is more an ‘I’ve eaten so much food this week that my skin feels stretched to capacity’ scenario.

In case anyone’s seen me this week – it’s not a baby in my tummy, it’s all food. SO.MUCH.FOOD.

The gorge fest started on Tuesday at

Mr Milton’s Canteen

(Alexandra Street, Hamilton). Mr Milton’s is a-freaking-mazing. The cabinets are beautifully presented, the staff are awesome, and best of all they’ve got a huge range of safe and delicious food.

I met owners Alice and Mikey when I stumbled into Mr Milton’s 18 months ago. Mikey the chef is awesome – he didn’t even blink when I listed my many foody needs, instead he racked his brains and came up with something unique just for me. And the result is that there’s now a button on their till especially for my special gf/df/low fodmaps sandwich. Also, worth a mention is their divine range of teas. I LOVE it when cafes have good tea!

Mr Milton’s cabinet of yum

The sandwich of deliciousness

The pig-out continued on Thursday. I’d forgotten to get lunch organised on Wednesday night and only had a measly piece of dry steak and glutard bread for lunch. By 1pm I was still feeling very scavengery and wandered into the Wintec City Campus hub. The cafe in the hub always has a few gluten-free items in the cabinet, but they outdid themselves this week with their roast pork meals – holy bloody yums – potatoes, pumpkin and roast pork. Nom! I skipped the gravy, apple sauce and bread & butter pudding, but it was still a perfect meal.

Now it’s Saturday, and I’ve just returned from my third epic feed of the week. In case you haven’t been there, check out

Two Birds Eatery

in the Clyde Shopping Centre (next to the Riv). They’ve got a big range of gf/df and vegan food. Today’s tummy bulge is courtesy of a gf/df chocolate avocado tort served with whipped coconut cream, chips (yes they have a gf vat of oil), pulled pork on gf bread and a massive jug of green tea.

Tea and chips – perfect for a cold winter day

I had intended to photograph the tort before eating, but well … it was delicious. Instead, here’s a pic mid-eat:

Torty yums – shared with lovely husband

Next week I’m going to have to cut back on eating out or I’ll burst out of my dress like an over-cooked sausage.

P.S. Special thanks to

The Broods

for making beautiful music – I’ve really enjoyed listening to your EP this week.

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