Doing the right thing

It’s not always easy doing the right thing. In my case, the right thing is eating whole foods that are gf, df and low fodmaps … and also avoiding sugar.

I’m totally addicted to sugar. If there was a support group, I’d be there today with my head hanging low admitting that I’d fallen off the wagon.

It always starts the same. First a tiny bit of sugar – say half a glutard cupcake with my friend just to keep her company, and before I know it I’m doing breaststroke through a room full of sugar like Uncle Scrooge in his money vault.

This wouldn’t be a problem if it didn’t make me feel heinously sick, grumpy and make me want to scratch all the skin off my scalp in an itchy frenzy. Eating sugar is the equivalent of setting off a small nuclear bomb in my stomach with radioactive particles killing off everything good in my gut for weeks afterwards.

Woe is me. And it’s all my own doing.

Like many addicts, there are enablers who help you stay sick, and those who are your true supporters who help you stay on the wagon.

My husband is a true supporter. And last night when I admitted the extent of my fall off the wagon, I could see he was really disappointed, and I felt ashamed. I’d let myself down, and I’d let him down too.

These shenanigans cannot continue. 

It’s time to start again. 

Hi, my name is Squirrel, and I’m a sugarholic. It’s been one day since my last sugar binge.

2 thoughts on “Doing the right thing

  1. Does eating probiotics help against the sugar mayhem in your gut? My stomach is really sensitive to certain foods too, but if I take a few doses of probiotics it goes away almost instantly.


  2. Probiotics helps, also need to do anti-microbials to kill the bad bacteria. I also then re-introduce good food that builds the gut up again like bone broths and sauer kraut. Takes me about 10 days to start coming right. The candida die-off is pretty nasty.


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