TP addiction

My husband thinks I have a problem. No, not the sugar addiction, this is another problem.

I’m OBSESSED with buying toilet paper (TP).

When I see bulk TP on special at Countdown my heart skips a beat, and I can usually be relied upon to emit a little high-pitched squealy noise to trumpet my discovery.

The result of this obsession is that we usually have approximately 30 rolls of TP in the house at any one time. 

Today we’re down to 23.5 rolls (yes I counted them), and I’m not happy. 

Fortunately, it’s payday and I’ve already found Cotton Softs 16 roll packs on special at $6.00 – wooh!

So, with the delivery booked we’ll be back to the status quo by 8pm tomorrow night

and I can relax.

So why the obsession with TP?

It’s a sad fact that folks with food allergies tend to spend a lot of time on the loo, either struggling to go or going way too often.

*cough* It’s really glamorous. 

When you’re adhering to your diet carefully (in my case gluten-free, dairy-free, low fodmaps, low/no sugar) the number two quota is about the same as a regular person. But if you cheat on your diet, or your stomach is weakened e.g. it’s menstruation time, you’re stressed or your stomach has randomly decided it’s just having a momentary melt-down, the number two schedule flies out the window. Hence my desire to have bulk amounts of TP available at all times.

Your number twos

A note from Doctor Glutey Girl: If you’re struggling with an over-abundance or under-abundance of number twos this is one of the signs that you need to have a chat to your doctor.

The fabulous Gluten Dude has an awesome infograph (below) which illustrates the common symptoms of Coeliac Disease (or celiac as the Americans like to spell it). Some of these symptoms also hold true for other food allergies. Check it out – maybe some of these symptoms resonate with people you know.

Celiac Disease Symptoms

Celiac Disease Symptoms – Courtesy of Gluten Dude

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