Chicken broth for the soul

Bone broths are the bomb for dealing with dodgy guts.

There’s lots of research around to show how a good bone broth can help seal and line the gut, and provide a boost to the immune system (I’ll post some links at the bottom of this post for those who are interested).

I started making chicken broth about six months ago when I began a mission to heal some leaky gut issues.

I HATE cooking with a passion, but it’s easy to make, and super good for you. Do NOT even begin to think that bought chicken broth is the same thing, it’s really not.

Here’s the recipe:

1. Go to the supermarket (or order online if you’re lazy). Get yourself a good quality chicken. I tend to buy organic, free range chickens for making broth, because with all the time spent cooking this beasty, it better be the best I can afford.

2. Bring chicken home, avoid stepping on cats who spontaneously appear whenever there’s chicken in the vicinity.

3. Put chicken in giant pot, cover with water, salt and pop on the lid. Cook for 1.5 hours. Remove cats from kitchen to avoid the sweet scent of cooking chicken from whipping them into a mad frenzy.

5. Turn off heat. Remove cooked chicken from bone and put in the fridge for later eating (or have a feed now if you’re hungry). Put the water, skin and bones into a slow cooker. Turn the slow cooker to low and let brew for 24 hours.

6. Remove bones and skin and pour chicken broth into containers and freeze, or store in a jug and serve it up over the next few days.

I work full-time, so I freeze my broth into single serve portions. 

And now comes the controversial part … I microwave a portion when I’m ready to drink it <gasp>. Sorry, to my lovely hippy friends, I know you hate microwaves, but that’s how I roll. If you don’t want to use a microwave, feel free to heat on a stove top.

Guzzle at least one portion a day, more if you’re feeling squiffy.

More about bone broth:

GAPS Introduction Diet

Dr Amy Meyers – the Benefits of Bone Broth

Nourish to Flourish

Healing Powers of Broth

Dr Axe – Bone Broth Benefits

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