Eating vicariously through others …

Prince Charles enjoying a good sniff.

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One of the true buggers about having food allergies is missing out on foods that you <really> want to eat.

All of the noms will not be yours … unless you’re prepared to move your mattress into the bathroom, take a shot of adrenaline or start wearing poo-proof adult diapers.

Many people with food allergies cheat on their diet and are willing to pay the price. For you people I say – are you totes cray-cray?

There are three approaches to dealing with wanting the noms and yet not succumbing to eating the noms:

1. Spend time cooking/money purchasing an equivalent nom that doesn’t contain allergic material.

2. Take the high road and pretend you didn’t want to eat the noms anyway

or my personal favourite …

3. Urge everyone else to eat the noms on the proviso that they describe in detail the taste, flavour and texture and also allow you to sniff the noms before consuming.

For some super-allergic people option 3 is not an acceptable option because sniffing is enough to spur side-effects, however, if you’re like me and don’t have this problem … sniff away!

And for all you non-allergic people out there. Do a favour to your allergic buddies, and let them sniff freely – we promise not to drool on your food!

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