Weekend brunch at Columbus

Yesterday I had the most glorious brunch with my lovely (him of the gingery persuasion and kind heart).

Columbus Coffee on the corner of Victoria and London Street – I heart you!

What a welcoming cafe for us gluteys. 

Walking in, you’re greeted with fresh, inviting decor, and kind staff who don’t run screaming when you mention the word ‘food allergies’. In fact, there’s even a sign on the counter stating that they cater for special diets <squee>. That’s like an invitation for us freaklets of the food allergy variety.

I ordered The paleo breakfast. The paleo breakfast normally consists of eggs, salmon, avocado, tomato, sprouty things, mushrooms and spinach. Because of my special requirements, I got a version without the mushrooms and tomato – and it was still outstanding.

The food arrived promptly, and looked pretty on the plate until I started mowing into it. Then all I could focus on was how good it tasted.

A huge shout out to Columbus for good, safe food accompanied by fantastic green tea. I’ll be back! 

Special thanks to the guys in the Hamilton Gluten and Dairy-free group  who recommended Columbus to me.

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