How to embarrass your husband part two

Not content with the football incident, I truly pushed the boat out a few years ago and absolutely humiliated my husband.*

It all started with a visit to my family …

The crying game

A member of my family was undergoing cancer treatment. Radiation treatment, although not as severe in side-effects as chemotherapy, is no joke. It wears you out, makes you feel ill and generally leaves you haggard and miserable.

To help out a bit, the gingery one and I had popped round to mow their lawns. It was fun too – I got to whip round the section on a ride-on mower, with the sun in my hair and a huge grin on my face. Everyone in my family agreed afterwards that I should never be allowed to mow the lawn again as I took twice as long as necessary and didn’t mow in a straight line. Who wants straight lines anyway????!!!

After hanging out with my family for a while, Cappy (the husband) suggested we depart and have a cuppa on the way home. 

I LOVE going to cafes, so of course I was a yes.

The cafe we selected had absolutely zero in the way of food for me, so I ordered a cup of tea, while him with no food allergies ordered a massive meal for himself.

Most days of the month, I’m not someone given to random crying outbursts, but seeing my family member looking so frail and miserable was totally horrible, and while we were sitting at our seat out in the sunlight I burst into tears. The fear of losing them, and misery at not being able to do enough to help really got to me.

What a picture we made.

Me not eating, sipping on a cuppa and crying, and him having a good old hungus while trying to soothe my misery with quiet words of encouragement.

The other customers were of course horrified. #ThatJerkMadeHerCry #ShesNotThatFat #LetHerEatDamnit.

How can such a lovely guy, repeatedly be made to look like an evil husband? Guess it takes a special talent eh?

*Note: I would NEVER intentionally embarrass my husband, that would just be mean, these things just happen sometimes. 

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