Product review: Purebread’s Young Buck Bread

For the next two months I’m on a grain-free diet (it’s not easy, and I’m not doing it for fun).


There is some light in an otherwise bleak bread-less two months though … Purebread Gluten Free Young Buck.

This stuff is freakin’ delicious.

It’s grain-free, made of a mixture of buckwheat (a seed), coconut oil and honey. 

I was actually pretty suspicious of the bread to begin with. Surely eliminating grains would turn this into something akin to a packet of heavy, damp sawdust. Fortunately, my fears were in vain.

It’s SOOOOOOOOO … GOOD! Light and fluffy, beautiful when toasted, moreish, with a great nutty taste. And the beauty is that it’s low GI, so gives you longer lasting energy than a lot of the other gluten-free breads on the market.

I did find this bread a little difficult to find in Hamilton, so ended up sourcing through a friend with a wholesale account, but I’ve heard a rumour you can sometimes purchase from Mill Street Pak’n’Save, or Rototuna and Glenview New World. If all else fails, you can buy it online here.

I’m seriously thinking of sticking with this bread even when I’m back on the grains.


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