Coming soon … Cafe Inc.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet Matt Gatchell owner of the soon to be opened Cafe Inc. Matt’s a lovely guy, with an impressive beard that has no problem catching the foam off his coffee as we chat.

Matt’s got a philosophy for his Rototuna-based cafe that I find especially appealing. He

 wants to create a cafe for EVERYONE – the people who are allergic, the vegans, the vegetarians, the health-conscious, and the average Joe. It’s this willingness to make something for the whole community that really puts the Inc in Inclusive (hence the name of his cafe).

Backstage in the kitchen area, Cafe Inc. will be set up primarily to safeguard people with food allergies.

Separate cooking implements and preparation areas are set up to ensure the safety of allergic customers. Matt says that he’ll have a special area cordoned off for preparation of regular person food while the majority of the kitchen area will be a gluten-safe zone. 

Front of house you’ll see clear food labelling, enabling diners to safely select a meal that meets their dietary requirements. Below is a pic of just some of the food labels that we can expect to see at Cafe Inc.

On the menu you’ll find real food, created from scratch, good, hearty cooking with ingredients that people can recognise. And taste-wise:

Something yummy for everybody


Although Cafe Inc. is going to be a mecca for those of us with food allergies, Matt is at pains to emphasise that the cafe is for everyone, including people who love a good feed and don’t have any dietary issues. 

So why is Matt so careful with food allergies? It’s because he’s experienced food allergies first hand. He’s allergic to sea food, and is also gluten-intolerant. While this is a real bummer for him, it’s good for his customers because he’s super aware of what can happen when you’re not careful enough in the kitchen. 

I wish you the best of luck with your cafe Matt, you can expect me to be one of your first customers! 

Cafe Inc. will be opening soon – I’ll keep you posted.

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