Food this week: Good, great and oh my god, what’s that smell?

I often get asked what I eat. Yeah, there’s lots I can’t eat, but there’s still plenty I can eat. And increasingly more places I can eat. 

If you’re newly diagnosed with food allergies or intolerances, don’t despair, there’s lots of noms. You can still enjoy yummy food, just avoid the rotten fish. And if you’re eating out, remember to

ask the right questions


Here’s a snapshot of what I’ve been eating this week …

Snack time … Kenny’s Kumara Chips

Freakin’ yum. I LOVE the salt and pepper flavour. Managed to mow through two big bags of these this week. You can buy these babies from Countdown.

Chicken broth

Still trying to fight off that f**king cough, I’ve been sipping away at chicken broth. Recipe



Not a pic of my own broth – this one is from

Roast lamb

My lovely husband is on holiday this week, and cooked me a MASSIVE roast lamb. There’s no photo of my actual meal because it’s all carved up and in my belly. But here’s what it probably looked like at one time <vegetarians avert your eyes>:

Image courtesy of

The lamb was accompanied by roast veges, which I cook in bulk:

This photo may actually be upside down, but whatever way I turn it, it

still looks odd …

Mr Milton’s magic

One of my all time fav places to eat… they never fail to deliver fantastic allergy-safe noms. My lovely glutey friend Shan and I spent an enjoyable hour on Wednesday savouring the delights of Mr M’s. Sorry about the blurry image, I was VERY hungry, and the food was just RIGHT there inches away from me, so of course I was shaking.

Oh my god, what is that smell?

For every week of yum, there’s a rule that at least one meal has to be unforgivably awful. Hoki was on special at Countdown this week. I think the fish was a bit past its best, and dear god, that stuff stunk. I managed to make the entire bottom floor of our office reek, and my workmate Julie warned me that she’s going to keep reminding me of the stench for a good long time. I don’t think I can ever handle seeing or smelling fish right now <blurghhhhh>. 

Treats at Two Birds Eatery

Speaking of workmates … my colleagues and I LOVE the raw cakes at Two Birds Eatery. On Friday we took a quick detour to Ham East to get some takeaway yum. Special mention goes to the ginger slice <drool>. And in case you were wondering, yes we did make up for the time we spent travelling to and from two birds …

Stay cool everybody.

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