Food is a poison, and a medicine.

I watched a really powerful short clip on YouTube the other day called ‘Rewind the Future’, and it really got me thinking. In the video, a man is wheeled in for heart surgery. His life flashes before his eyes as he visits scene after scene of him eating badly, right from childhood. It’s pretty dramatic.

In case you haven’t watched the video, check it out here:

It’s a powerful message for all of us – depending on what we eat, food is both a poison and a medicine.

The clip focuses on an overweight man, and that’s often what we think of when we talk about bad eating habits.

But bad eating doesn’t just make people overweight and cause heart attacks. Bad eating does a lot of damage both to the body and the brain of people of all sizes. Diabetes, auto-immune diseases and even some cancers are caused by poor eating. Many medical professionals are even citing food as a possible cause of some mental illnesses.

Often, it’s not until our bodies reach crisis point that we really consider what we eat.

Intrinsically, I think we all know that we should be eating well, but we’re tired or in a rush.

Something I’ve been focusing on this year is making the time to eat well. And sometimes it’s a slog. Sometimes I really want to just eat junk food. And on occasion I do.

The thing with junk food, is that it should be a treat. And treats are rare, not often, otherwise they’re just a bad habit.

It’s never too late to change your eating habits. Don’t let the Christmas season get in the way of your real goals in life.

Enjoy life, enjoy good food, and don’t wait until tomorrow if you need to change your diet. Changing your eating habits takes time and effort but you WILL be rewarded with better health.

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