My nemesis and a gingery hand model

It’s Sunday morning, the weather outside is poop, so what’s a girl to do? Get her husband to extract gluten from flour!

I’m busy working on an article for a local publication (more on that later), and needed a photo of gluten. The last one I had was kind of blurry, so this time I was determined to get a good shot.

However, being highly allergic to gluten, I wasn’t keen on getting my hands dirty in the process. Hence my need for a gingery hand-model.

This time I documented the whole process. So, in case you ever wanted to do your own gluten extraction at home (gawd knows why anyone would want to do that!) here’s how.

Step one: Get 100g of flour and mix it with 75ml of water – knead the tripe out of it and roll it into a ball.

Step two: Wrap the ball in cheesecloth. If you don’t have cheesecloth, just use a soft porous cloth. soak the ball in water, rubbing it to remove all the starch.

Step three: The finished product! The left over gluten should be stretchy and feel like chewing gum.


Special thanks to Cappy for excellent gluten extraction and hand-modelling!

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