New Year’s Resolutions

Holy smoke, where has this year gone?

It’s nearly new year’s and I’ve been thinking about my resolution for 2015.  This year I focused on improving my health: I changed my diet, gave up sugar, increased the amount of real/whole food I ate, discovered amazing cafes, began to learn to cook and started this blog. I also got to meet a whole lot of other people who are taking this health thing seriously too – so awesome to meet you guys!

It hasn’t all been easy going, there have been a few slip-ups, some rotten fish, and a few dodgy comments but overall, I’ve managed to increase my health significantly. How do I know my health is better?

1. Heartburn reduced to only once or twice in the last six months (that’s a huge reduction, and on the occasions where I did experience heartburn I know what I’d done to cause it – damn you tomatoes for being so tasty)

2. Sleeping better (most of the time)

3. No longer taking anti-depressants – this is a huge win for me, and is mostly due to improved gut health (I’ll talk more about the gut-brain connection in a later blog post)

4. WAYYYYY less stomach aches

5. More balanced blood sugar level – I can tolerate eating lunch half an hour to an hour later than normal if necessary without turning into a crying/angry mess.

Not a bad effort.

In 2015 I want to continue with these efforts and ….

1. Take up meditation. My super-smart workmate Charlie loaned me a copy of his book ‘Hurry up and Meditate‘ by David Mitchie. Meditation is amazing for both mental and physical health. I’m a chronic worrier and can see meditation could be really helpful for helping me chill out. I haven’t nailed down exactly how many minutes a day yet, but I’ll work that out in the next week.

2. Get back to regular exercise. At least 30 minutes walking three times a week with hubby. Or in the event of terrible weather, 30 minutes of yoga with the Wii (since I can’t afford to go to a yoga class at the moment).

My awesome husband is also a blogger (yup, I bully everyone I know into blogging) and has written a great piece on how to set an effective resolution – check it out here.

What are your resolutions for 2015?  Thank you so very very much for reading my blog – I love to hear from you, so make sure you post a comment here or on my Facebook or Twitter. If you write a blog yourself, I’d love to check it out!


Glutey Girl xox

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