Gut healing

After Friday’s stomach explosion you probably won’t be surprised to hear that I’m still feeling lousy today.


I’ve got all the classic signs of a dodgy gut: swollen and tender stomach, brain fog, fatigue and overly emotional outbursts (this morning while watching Bondi Vet I was struggling not to cry at the plight of a spider-bitten dog <sob>).

Other than lying in bed watching The Mindy Project on repeat, I have actually been doing something to try and get better. So today I thought I’d share some of the tips and techniques I use to get better when my gut has decided to revolt.

Charcoal tablets

I take charcoal tablets as soon as I realise I’ve eaten something I shouldn’t have. These suckers are great for sucking up nasty toxins and expelling them from your body, and help reduce gassiness. Betonite clay is another good alternative to Charcoal. You can buy charcoal tablets and betonite clay at most health stores. <I bought mine in Melbourne – oh my god, I’m so jealous of their discount pharmacies!>


Once you can handle eating again, probiotics need to be introduced to help regrow good gut bacteria. I use both bought probiotic capsules (such as Inner Health Plus) with probiotic foods e.g. sauer kraut and kefir.


Now is the time to focus on eating well. Chicken broth a few times a day is a great start and will help with gut healing. Try and avoid all sugary foods as this will allow bad gut bacteria to flourish. Focus on plain, whole foods made in your own kitchen. Now is not the time to experiment with that new curry recipe.


Help your body flush out the crap (haha, literally). I find it a challenge to drink cold water <ick>, but manage to guzzle back many cups of hot water every day. Actually, it’s herbal tea – but there’s water in there so it totally counts!


Partying hard can wait. If you want to recover, you’ve got to rest a little. Early nights are helpful, and avoid working late if you can.

Gentle exercise

This morning we walked to our local cafe which is about two blocks away. It nearly killed me. Gah, stupid fatigue. A little bit of gentle exercise is helpful to keep your spirits up and not lose all fitness, but avoid heavy workouts.

Be kind to yourself

Sometimes all you can do is accept that you feel poop. Don’t beat yourself up if you get lost on the way to the supermarket, or forget your husband’s name, it’s just part of feeling blurgh. It’ll pass. Do something nice for yourself like watch your favourite TV show, paint your nails or get a massage. You’ll be back on your feet again soon.

Take care out there!

Please note: This blog is not intended as advice to replace that of a trained medical professional. Please seek assistance from a qualified doctor as required.

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