The most annoying person in the room

There’s no one more annoying to smokers than an ex-smoker. Man do they get on their high horse about the dangers of second hand smoking, the damage that a smoker is doing to their health and rah rah rah … Come on, it’s not like the smokers don’t know that the cigarettes are doing them damage, it’s written all over the packets.

I’m not a smoker (reformed or otherwise), however, recently I’ve become aware that I’m just as annoying as an ex-smoker on the subject of sugar.

“Hi my name’s Christina and I’m a


, let me tell you all the reasons why you shouldn’t be eating or drinking that sugary sh*t.”

I can now actually say ‘no thanks’ 99% of the time to sugary foods. I never thought I’d get to that point, this is an epic achievement.

My cousin is also a reformed sugar addict, and we have both seen some huge health improvements since getting off the white stuff. For both of us it’s been a journey of many years to get to the point where we can say no to sugar. This stuff is addictive!

I’ve also become one of those annoying people who looks on as other people eat yummy sugary treats and attempts to stage an intervention. I just can’t keep my mouth zipped, especially when it’s someone I care about.

I can tell you all the bad stuff that sugar can do to your body: increasing the risk of diabetes, weight-gain, affecting your mental well-being, feeding auto-immune issues, feeding bad gut bacteria and more …

As I recently watched someone casually sprinkling their strawberries with cane sugar <while inwardly shuddering>, I had a revelation. EVERYONE knows that sugar is bad for them – there’s more than enough publicity about it, but not everyone is ready to give it up (or reduce their intake). I sure as heck knew about how bad sugar was for me for YEARS before I did anything about it.

So I’m going to shutup about sugar, at least in person (most of the time, unless someone asks my opinion).

However, if you’re interested in more reasons why you should give up sugar, check out the trailer for ‘That Sugar Film’ below.

and if you need help giving up sugar check out Sarah Wilson’s

‘I quit sugar’


P.S. You can still expect me to continue to post anti-sugar posts on my blog. It’s a good cause!

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