Orange almond cake and other old school “edibles”

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Recently I was reminiscing with some friends about the gluten-free days of olde. And here comes the reason why I intensely dislike Orange Almond Cake…

Rewind approx 13 years and the gluten-free scene was almost non-existent. It was a rare cafe that offered gluten-free food, and the only food on offer was (you guessed it) Orange Almond Cake. If you wanted lunch, something savoury or even a bit of variety, you could forget about it.

It was extremely hard to go out and eat safely. Even the Orange Almond Cake was often dubious at best.

Everyday gluten-free food was pretty limited too. My glutey sister and I ate a massive amount of rice crackers, hummus, and brick-like bread back in those days. We were very lucky though, growing up in Te Awamutu, the local

Bin Inn

run by Murray was an early adopter of gluten-free products.

We were in heaven! Mum and Dad used to shell out epic amounts of money for our glutey treats. We were thoroughly spoilt. Visits to Bin Inn were a highlight of our week because every week there seemed to be a new and exciting food to try. Murray’s Bin Inn is still in business today providing awesome allergy-friendly food to the locals.

We are so very lucky in 2015 to have such a large range of allergy-friendly food. But even so, I still don’t even want to see another slice of Orange Almond Cake. Blurgh!

For those of you who aren’t entirely sick of the taste, there are loads of Orange Almond Cake recipes on the interweb, just don’t expect to see me posting one on my blog anytime soon.

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