A very special wedding at Zealong

Imagine trying to cater for a family where just about everyone has food issues, and no two people have exactly the same combo of food needs.

Yup, that’s my family.

Yesterday my sister Joanna got married, and because she’s a huge tea fiend Zealong Tea Estate was an obvious choice for lunch.

Prior to the wedding I sent them an email to see if they could deal with a range of food allergies and special diets… and wow did they come to the party.

No food request was too difficult. The team were amazing – answering every email promptly and kindly even when it got to the point that they were probably ready to tear their hair out with the number of emails flooding through from me. They met with me in person too and talked about options, and were even able to make a gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar free wedding cake.

The wedding day was beautiful.

The sun was shining and the gardens at Zealong were looking their autumnal best for the wedding photos. Here’s my sister and her new husband – lovely eh? Photo taken by Mike from Key Imagery Photography.

Our small wedding gathering were given a lovely spot on the deck of the tea house under the shade of umbrellas, and were immediately served the tea for which Zealong is renowned. Oh my goodness, the tea is divine! My favourite is the pure oolong tea.

Brenton our chef was on hand to talk through menu options for those of us with special foodie needs, And there was a range of options for everybody.

The food when it arrived was beautifully presented and tasted amazing. I had steak with gailan and kumara crisps. Mmm …

So how did the cake turn out? Light, fluffy, chocolatey and delicious.

Thanks again Zealong, you guys are awesome. Friendly staff, great location and awesome food (even for us food allergy folk).

3 thoughts on “A very special wedding at Zealong

  1. Congratulations to your sister, the bride & groom look lovely. So was the cake sort of Paleo? Would your chef be willing to share some tips please? Cheers 😃


    1. Hi Vivienne, the cake was made by the crew at Zealong. It’s gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar free. I didn’t make it myself sorry, but if you’re interested you could try contacting Zealong 🙂


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