The white stuff revisited

One of my earliest blog posts was about sugar. It’s been

a nasty little addiction for me

that white stuff in all it’s form. My mantra used to be: if it’s sweets, I eats.

Well, I used to eat that way anyway. These days I’ve been pretty good at maintaining a very low sugar diet, and it’s not about weight control either, sugar just makes me feel ill.

Today my friend Keely and I went to see

That Sugar Film

at The


. And it was awesome (by the way, The Lido is a beautiful place to visit!).

I was expecting a boring documentary packed full of info but not much fun (kind of like the broccoli of movie viewing) but I couldn’t have been more wrong. The movie was funny, entertaining and informative.  If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend you go check it out.

Sugar has such a huge impact on our lives, and it’s hidden in just about every processed food we eat.

What really struck me is how many foods that are high in sugar are marketed as healthy. Take smoothies for example. Smoothies are massively high in fructose. It’s okay to eat a couple of pieces of fruit a day but if you’re having a smoothie you’re having an epic amount of fruit (and therefore fructose) in one sitting. Our bodies just aren’t designed to cope with this amount of sugar.

Breakfast cereals, muesli bars, energy drinks, chocolate milk, breakfast drinks, pasta sauce, fruit juice … all of these products contain a lot more sugar than we’re led to believe.

It’s just another reminder to read food labels carefully so we make informed decisions about what we’re eating. Check out

That Sugar Film

it’ll really change the way you think about food!

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