While most people dream of winning lotto, I dream of a day when I can eat whatever I like without consequence. Just to recap, the items on my ‘I can’t eat it unless I want to be in immense pain’ list include: gluten, dairy, tomato, capsicum, coffee and high fodmaps foods. I also can’t handle sugar which is a bit of a blah cos sugar is yum (if not poisonous for most people).

Most of my diet is largely whole foods, unprocessed and pretty healthy. But that doesn’t mean I don’t miss junk food. And since it’s the start of

Junk Free June

, and half of my friends are giving up junk food for the month, what better time to fantasise about what I’d eat if I could, even if it was just for one day.

Here’s my sweet fantasy:


Vogels bread with vegemite and butter

Weet-bix with heaps of sugar and warm milk

Flat white with one sugar – mmm …


Orange chocolate chip ice cream

Donuts from Dunkin Donuts – I’ve never tried them before but they look yum

Flat white with one sugar – mmm

More sugar than you can shake a stick at – biscuits, chocolate, milkshakes …


McChicken Combo from McDonalds – burger, fries, and a chocolate sundae – you can hold the coke, I don’t really miss it.


Pizza – OMG pizza would be amazing. I’m going with a BBQ chicken flavour, and beer fried chips.

Garlic bread – home made bread (not made by me obviously cos this is a fantasy)


Chocolate brownie with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream.

The weird thing is that even after over ten years of not eating any of this food, I still want to eat it, and sometimes crave it. I think some of the craving is sugar-related – man I miss that stuff, and it’s been a year doing

the low-sugar thing

(and I still struggle to stay on the wagon). The other thing I noticed is that everything on the list (except bread) is highly processed, and it makes me realise how much I miss convenience. There’s no handy shortcut for making food from scratch – it takes time and energy.

So yeah, my diet is really healthy, but left to my own devices and with no consequences I wonder how easy it would be to make the right food decisions every day. Processed (highly sugary food) is easy to find, cheap and convenient. If you suffer no immediate side effects after eating junk food how hard would it be to say no to temptation that is literally everywhere? I reckon pretty hard. Maybe that’s why we have such a problem with obesity in this country – addiction tastes so good when it’s name is sugar.

To everyone who’s doing Junk Free June, I wish you the best of luck. It’s an awesome cause. You can do it!

P.S. Huge shout out to my


followers for their fantasy food ideas which included: beer, pies, “all the wine in the universe”, fresh bread (I’m with you guys on that one), bakery foods and more.

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