Cafe Review: Real Good Food

There’s this newish place in Hamilton that fills my heart with joy.

Real Good Food in Garden Place are doing exactly what they say in the name – providing REAL good food. So none of that processed crap. This is good food at it’s best. And wahoo, they have a range of gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar-free noms too.

The owner also knows a bit about low fodmaps diets so can be relied upon to help you if you’ve got this extra dietary challenge going on.

The tea and coffee are delicious. (p.s. I’m loving that so many Hamilton eateries are getting on board with providing good quality tea for us tea drinkers).

The menu varies each week, so there’s always something new up for offer. The only draw back to this place is that it’s not open in the weekends – wah! However, if you’re in the city during the week Real Good Food is a must for lunch, morning tea, afternoon tea, 2pm snacks or just a random cuppa with friends.

Check them out – yum!

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