Paleo, real food and why they're awesome for people with food allergies

It seems like you can’t turn around without someone talking about paleo or real food diets lately. These specialty diets may seem like a fad, but for people with food allergies or auto-immune disorders (like coeliac disease), these ‘fads’ are great news because it means better availability of high quality food for us.

The paleo diet is based on the premise that good health is derived from eating like our ancestors did. The diet is high in meat, fish, vegetables, and fruit and excludes dairy, grains and processed food. So it’s naturally gluten and dairy-free #win (refer note below). 

On the whole, a diet that is largely based on whole foods is better for your health than a diet high in processed foods which often contain unsuitable amounts of salt, additives, sugar and other nasties. Particularly for people with coeliac disease it’s important to ensure you’re eating as well as you can to help support your whole immune system and reduce gut inflammation.

So, while paleo isn’t necessarily for everyone, what is good about the diet is that it’s based around real food. And if there’s increased demand for paleo in cafes and restaurants then us food allergy folk have even more choices when we’re out for lunch and dinner.

Happy eating guys!


Note: There are loads of variations on the paleo diet – some allow dairy and grains, so keep an eye out for ingredients if you’re getting a meal at a restaurant or cafe.


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One thought on “Paleo, real food and why they're awesome for people with food allergies

  1. JERFing rocks! Just eat real food, I don’t care if it it is Primal, Paleo etc… but those the food trends I can buy into:-)


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