Cups of tea and loveliness

I am absolutely addicted to green tea. 

At work I’ve been compared to the infamous Mrs Doyle from Father Ted. I’m constantly asking people if they want a cup of tea <mostly as a desperate ploy to disguise my own addiction>. It’s not unknown for me to drink up to six or eight cups of the green stuff a day.

One of my favourite things about cafes, isn’t the food, it’s the tea. And Hamilton has some AMAZING places for a good cuppa. Here are a few of my favs …

September Flowers and Cafe

Tucked away in Casabella Lane, this is the place to go for a quiet cuppa away from the hustle. Harney and Sons tea (one of my fav brands) is served with kindness from the lovely couple who run the cafe. A great spot for blogging or reading a book on a rainy day. Handy location across from Poppies Bookstore – ooohhhh books!



Urge has always been a treasure trove of pretty china tea sets, little chocolatey treats and great tea and coffee. Recently they’ve expanded and the cafe is now even more epic, with a full dine-in experience available to visitors of the CBD. All tea is served in beautiful china tea cups, so every visit feels like a special treat. Urge is located on Victoria Street near Garden Place. You can also buy some of the tea to take home and brew yourself!


Nami Japanese Restaurant

Nami makes the best sushi in town (as I’ve mentioned previously). They also serve some delicious puffed rice green tea. The rice green tea has a delicious nutty taste that is just divine (I usually go through a few tea pots in each setting). Worth a visit for both the sushi and the tea!


LK Coffee Hub

LK Coffee Hub is my local (you’ll find my husband and I there most weekends reading books and lounging in a corner drinking a warm bevvy). Located on the corner of Wellington and Grey Street, LK is known for its range of gluten-free food, outstanding service from the friendly Zoe, Raymond and the team, and flavoursome teas. LK serves a wide range of tea from the range Tea Total range – yum!



Zealong is the mecca for tea aficionados of New Zealand (seriously, if there was a pilgrimmage to Zealong, I’d be joining it every year). I lack the words to describe the tea – it’s all kinds of delicious and will take your taste buds on a trip to nirvana. Worth a visit for both the food and the tea. You can also buy the tea to take home (I’m hoping someone buys me a big tin of the pure oolong for Christmas this year).

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