Use your voice

One of the hardest things about having food allergies or coeliac disease is having to ask questions whenever you’re eating outside of the house. 

It kind of makes blending in at the table difficult when you’ve got to pull the waitress aside to ask fifty questions to make sure you’re eating safely:

“Can you tell me if those gluten-free fries are cooked in the same oil as the gluteny foods?”

“Is there cheese in that dish?”

“Can you tell me what the ingredients of this meal are?”

A lot of newly diagnosed people just find it too embarrassing to question the waiter/waitress. But if you don’t ask the questions, you’re putting yourself at risk of ill health. 

As I’ve mentioned before, you shouldn’t rely on correct labelling on menus you DO need to ask questions. 

I want to encourage you as a food allergy person to ALWAYS ask questions. You aren’t being rude by asking questions – it’s your right as a customer to know what you’re eating. You are responsible for keeping yourself safe, and the only way you can do that is by asking questions when you’re eating out.

Sure it can be a bit embarrassing sometimes, but better a little embarrassment than a world of pain and misery later. I’ve previously written a guide to eating out that you might also find useful – check it out here.

Keep asking questions guys, you can do this! It gets easier over time honestly.

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