Anne’s Strawberry Tart (gluten free with dairy-free option)

My mum makes THE most amazing strawberry tart. This is one of those desserts that you have to physically stop yourself from over eating. Sooooo gooood…

Shortcrust base
– Cream together 4oz butter (can use butter substitute e.g. Olivani). Make sure the butter is well softened – just before melting point or the mixture will be too dry to hold together.
2oz sugar
– Add 2 egg yolks (you can use leftover whites for meringues or a pavlova to get a sugar fix)
– Beat together.
– Then add 1 1/4 breakfast cups of GF flour ((I have used Bakels baking mix (which has baking powder in it) or Macro GF Plain flour successfully) – if using the plain flour add 1/2tsp GF baking powder.
– Mix into butter/sugar /egg mixture.
– Grease and flour (dust) a baking dish (the dish needs to be large enough so that the mixture can be pressed thinly into the dish and about 1/2 inch or so up the sides).  Press mixture into dish.
– Bake in moderate oven until the base changes colour slightly – not brown/burnt.

– When cool, cover with chopped raw strawberries – best if generous – (is also delicious to use cooked apricots with a glaze made from dried apricots)
– Reserve enough strawberries (again I can’t tell you how many – I just guess and usually err on side of generosity) for the glaze.
– Put them into a pot with just enough water to stop them catching on the bottom and cook until mushy and juicy.
– Strain through a sieve but DO NOT strain through stirred up pulp – or else the glaze will be cloudy. Just let the juice run out and perhaps gently press strawberries to get most of the juice.
– Return the juice to the pot – heat – add sugar to taste and then thicken with arrowroot – not too thick – just thick enough to drizzle over all of the strawberry mixture but not so runny that it soaks through the crust.

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