How to not lose your shit

Christmas is that time of year when people with food allergies, can so easily lose their shit.

It seems like every man and his cat <Buttons the tortie I’m talking about you here> are eating AMAZING meals and pigging out on all of the Christmasy noms, while you’re stuck nibbling on a dry rice cracker and sipping warm gluten-free beer that you bought on sale for $19.99 at New World. 

It sucks. 

For people who don’t have food allergies, in case you were ever in doubt, yes we do miss normal person food. We miss it so badly sometimes, we can almost taste the mexican churro as YOU bite into it. 

<I haven’t even tasted a churro before, no not ever! And I’m worried that I’m missing out on something spectacular. Ditto for cronuts.>

It would be super easy to fall into a well of misery (waist high, full of all the tears you’ve shed over missing out on good food). But what good would that do? Would it make you feel better? Nah bro! 

How do you not lose your shit this Christmas? It all comes back to remembering why you’re doing what you’re doing. For most of us food allergy or coeliac folk, we’re not eating the noms because it would make us feel like crap. Crap is the scientific term that covers a range of awful side-effects, and crap you will feel if you ignore your allergy requirements and slip over to the dark side (i.e. you eat the bad noms).

In the case of coeliac disease, we’re not eating the noms because it can kills us. Over dramatic? Nope actually. Here’s a little refresher in case you need it:

You can’t eat the noms. It’s sad. Sometimes it’s really sad, and it’s okay to feel a bit sorry for yourself sometimes. But remember why you’re not eating the noms. You’re doing it for your health.

If this is your first allergy-free Christmas, I just want you to know, that it gets easier. You’ll learn to cope, you’ll learn to cook safe yummy stuff, and you’ll enjoy good food again. And the bonus is, you’ll be healthier. 

You can do this!

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