All of the noms …

I’ve been on holiday this week, and it’s been awesome. It’s been nearly 100% humidity in the Tron and seriously, if you want to survive you need to go hang out where there’s aircon (i.e. not my house). We’re in serious celebration mode at the moment, because my husband’s just scored an awesome new job #yay. So the combo of needing aircon and celebrating like crazy has led to a week full of cafe hopping. Here’s my picks from a week of cuppas and eats …

Raglan Social Club

On Tuesday we took a road trip to Raglan to see the inlaws and have a swim. I’ve heard good things about Raglan Social Club (RSC), one of my fav bloggers My Darling Lemon Thyme recently gave them a thumbs up on Instagram, and I knew they could handle the allergy-free jandal, so yeah … def on my ‘to-try’ list.

Walking in, you’re immediately struck with how much thought has gone into the decor – it’s just beautiful. Especially loved the tiling of the counter – I want to create this look at home! Your eye is then drawn to the cabinet of yums. Ooh some good stuff in there, including some great allergy-friendly options.

The customer service is just lovely – super friendly, quick and really approachable (a good thing when you’re like me and have to ask 50 questions about the food to check it’s allergy-safe). I ordered poached eggs on toast (I was in a breakfasty mood) while Cappy (husband) tried his hand at a raw cheesecake and coffee. 

The verdict: perfect eggs, nice toast (Bella Pane), awesome coffee and delicious raw cheesecake.

Would we go again? Hell yeah!


Raglan Roast

Totally stole this photo from their Facebook page ;)
Totally stole this photo from their Facebook page 😉

It wouldn’t be a trip to Raglan without a stop at Raglan Roast in Te Uku. The little hole in the wall with a big heart has been brewing fine coffee and delicious green tea for many moons. Can’t rave enough about how good their brew is. 

Raglan Roast has a few stores, but Te Uku is still our fav, it’s a great place for people-watching. Sitting outside at the BBQ table you’ll watch a huge cross-section of society pull up for a cuppa – farmers on dirt bikes, truckies, Aucklanders returning from a day trip and locals heading off to the Tron for a day of shopping.

Special mention to the awesome baristas who make excellent bevvies.


Cute huh? Pic stolen from Osten's Facebook page.
Cute huh? Pic stolen from Osten’s Facebook page.

Back in Hamilton East, we finally got around to trying Osten. This has to be the prettiest little cafe I’ve seen in a long-time! Handily located on the corner of Grey and Clyde Street it’s the perfect place to linger over a cuppa and good book.

Cappy ordered what he describes as the ‘best truffle I’ve ever eaten’ and a coffee. I had a cup of green jasmine tea. 

Verdict: The truffle still gets talked about several days later, the coffee was excellent, and the green tea was good (and I’m not usually a fan of jasmine flavoured tea).

Cafe Inc at night

FINALLY, got to try Cafe Inc‘s night menu on an evening out with the girls. The menu is awesome and as always, the service was fantastic. I had gluten-free fish and chips and a bottle of Kombucha – so gooooood!


And that’s it, the highlights of a week of way too much eating out! It’s going to be a poor week this week, with lots of home-made lunches …

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