I watch you while you eat (in a non-creepy way, honestly)

I finished work early today and decided to hang out in the mall while I wait for my husband.

Food courts are an awesome place to sit and eat – and for one of my favourite sneaky (and weird) hobbies watching what people eat.

This might sound super creepy, but it’s fascinating to me to watch what people are eating and what options they select when given a large number of tasty noms to choose from.

Today at 5pm in the food court, the busiest places are McDonalds and an ice cream place called New Zealand natural.

Of course this gets me day-dreaming about which food place I’d choose if food allergies weren’t an issue. I think I’d go with the Mexicali Fresh – mmmm nachos … I have such a fond memory of your tastiness. I’m thinking cheese and sour cream on top, and medium level spiciness. <drool>.

So what’s with the food-watching obsession? If you follow my blog you’ll know already that I’m always smelling other people’s food, so watching I think is just an extension of that. I mean, I can’t eat the yummy food, but I still want to experience it in some way.

Also, I want to judge you on your choices – I mean seriously, there’s an ice cream place here, why would you choose a smoothie over that? If this was a pokemon battle ice cream would always win. And why is the kebab place so quiet? There’s so much meat to be had in that corner of the food court.

Anyway, husband has finished for the day now, so my food-watching antics are over for the day. 



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