Last month we went to Auckland for a night (husband to work, me to hang out with my cousin). As usual I did a whole heap of Facebook stalking and advice seeking about where to eat long before we left Hamilton. 

And that’s how I found my way to Mondays. Based in New North Road, down a steep driveway, you’ll find this amazing cafe serving whole foods, that are both delicious and food allergy friendly.

The whole kitchen is gluten-free, there’s no processed food and no refined sugar. You’d think it would be all dust on a log type food, but actually no, it was delicious!

Here’s what I had:

That’s home-made gluten-free bread, it’s crunchy, nibbly and nutty tasting; poached eggs, avocado with some kind of sprinkled yum, and leafy greens. So freakin’ tasty. On the side you can see lotus chips. Now those were an unexpected treat … I’m not sure where you buy lotus root from but if you can get it near you, slice it up and fry it because #yum.

Great service, great food and a lovely spot to hang out in the sun. Go check them out!

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