Skye Blue Kitchens, and your chance to win something yum

At a recent glutey group catch up, I met the lovely Irene from Skye Blue Kitchens. Irene makes delicious gluten-free, dairy-free ready mix packs that can be used to bake a variety of yummy goodies. Here’s Irene’s story and the reason behind the development of Skye Blue Kitchens.

“I was 15 when my dad was diagnosed with coeliac disease. His symptoms were severe weight loss, lack of energy, bloating/gas, fatigue, diarrhoea.

“Mum cooked very plain meals to try and keep dad safe – meat, vegetables, potatoes (no sauces etc).  There was only one gluten free blend flour mix available and Mum used to buy this from the chemist.  She tried to make cookies and cakes without success.  I loved baking so I also tried to make a few cakes.  Everything had a chalk-like texture, had no taste and tended to be dry and crumbly. Invariably the baking went in the bin. Unsliced, white bread only was on prescription from the chemist along with one brand of biscuits. The only way Dad could manage to eat the bread was to toast it. 

“Fast forward a few years, and my son was struggling with weight loss, intense bloating/gas, lethargy, and constant fatigue. He was diagnosed with coeliac disease at the age of 21. His diagnosis gave me the drive to start the business because I wanted life to be as normal as possible for him.  I wanted him to still be able to eat his favourite baking treats (eg chocolate chip cookies) and that they would taste and look just like the real thing.

Irene and her son prior to his diagnosis.
Irene and her son prior to his diagnosis.

“Skye Blue Kitchens offers a range of versatile gluten-free cookie and cake mixes that let you create delicious treats every time. All of our mixes can be made dairy-free and also allow you to control the amount of added refined sugar. Each recipe gives a minimum amount of sugar for texture and taste. You really can’t believe they’re gluten-free!”

I’ve tried the Skye Blue Kitchens range (thanks Irene for the samples), and they’re really yummy. Irene has kindly offered a gift basket which includes one of her mixes to give away on the blog. And you should totally enter this competition. All you have to do is tag a food allergy buddy on my Facebook post, and you’re in the draw. Competition closes 3 March and is open to New Zealand residents only.


Want to purchase your own Skye Blue Kitchens goodies? You can buy them online or at Over the Moon in Cambridge.

One thought on “Skye Blue Kitchens, and your chance to win something yum

  1. Definitely vouch for Irene’s products and knowledge, she is a gem 💎 For Gluten and Dairy free people of Cambridge, good to see her products are being heard of further afield.


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