Coeliac stuff on a Sunday

Hello, my name is Glutey Girl and it’s been three months since my last blog post.  

To be honest, I actually thought I was finished with the Glutey Girl blog. I didn’t feel inspired to write. After three years, I thought I had nothing left to say.

Ha! Who was I kidding, I’ve always got something to say.

Today is a short blog post, but it’s full of interesting coeliac stuff I’ve been reading over the last three months. Here’s the list in no particular order:

* Did you know that prior to World War Two, 30% of coeliac children died from the disease? That’s just frightening. In the 1930s, it was thought that a diet of bananas was a cure for the disease.

* Coeliac New Zealand recently released a self-assessment quiz for people wondering if their symptoms could be a sign of Coeliac Disease.

* Is there a link between Reovirus and the development Coeliac Disease? A recent study investigates the link between a common childhood virus (Reovirus) that when coinciding with the introduction of gluten could trigger coeliac disease.

* This gif literally describes coeliac life in a nutshell:

* My awesome dietitian Joanna Baker has been so helpful in helping me sort out my tummy issues. I’m blown away by how much I didn’t know! Something Joanna put me onto was the need for ongoing tests after coeliac diagnosis diagnosis, including bone density testing. Check out this awesome resource from Coeliac Australia

That’s all for now.

Glutey Girl xox

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