Guest post: Feeding the intolerant

Feeding friends with food related CIA*s(CIA = Conditions/Intolerances/Allergies)Guest post by Janine Williams Janine is one of the best people I know. She also happens to be a whiz in the kitchen and supporter for all us food challenged folk. Here's a guest post Janine wrote for me about her experiences cooking for friends with "CIA*s = … Continue reading Guest post: Feeding the intolerant

Dinsdale Bin Inn (Land of Noms)

Last night I had the opportunity to chat to Alison Short, owner of Dinsdale Bin Inn (Hamilton).Holy smoke, this Bin Inn is fantastic for us allergy-affected folk!Alison's built a fantastic range of gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, sugar-free and organic products. These aren't just the products you'll find at the supermarket either. There's some really yummy options here, … Continue reading Dinsdale Bin Inn (Land of Noms)

An open letter to supermarkets about allergy-free food

It's fantastic to see so many allergy-free foods making their way into supermarkets. #WeLOVEtheNoms #ThankYou.However, with the increase in allergy-free foods, there's a need for supermarket owners and staff to quickly get up to speed on the dangers of cross-contamination.What is cross-contamination?When allergy-free food comes into contact with allergic contaminants during preparation, storage or serving … Continue reading An open letter to supermarkets about allergy-free food

Thanks to the supporters – especially the hippy ones!

Hopefully Sam doesn't kill me for stealing this pic fromher Facebook page haha!Once upon a time I used to tell everyone at the lunch table ‘food is fuel’ as I choked back yet another meal of dried gluten-free toast covered in tinned salmon.After work I’d come home and heat my 3 gluten-free sausages in the … Continue reading Thanks to the supporters – especially the hippy ones!

Children with food allergies … part one

Something that I've been thinking about lately is babies. Cute, pudgy cheeked munchkins with my curls and outgoing nature, and my husband’s long eyelashes, gingery colouring, and sharp sense of humour. Our children will be beautiful, smart, funny and all round great girls/guys <I’m already biased in their favour>.Being of the glutey persuasion, something we need … Continue reading Children with food allergies … part one

Only wealthy people have food allergies …

Have you seen those Pak'n'Save ads at the moment for bread under $1? Pretty sweet deal eh?The average cost of gluten-free bread in the UK is approximately three times the cost of regular bread, a trend comparable to New Zealand.The stick man can kiss my glutey butt, because NEVER has pak'n'save or any other NZ supermarket made … Continue reading Only wealthy people have food allergies …