Skye Blue Kitchens, and your chance to win something yum

At a recent glutey group catch up, I met the lovely Irene from Skye Blue Kitchens. Irene makes delicious gluten-free, dairy-free ready mix packs that can be used to bake a variety of yummy goodies. Here's Irene's story and the reason behind the development of Skye Blue Kitchens."I was 15 when my dad was diagnosed … Continue reading Skye Blue Kitchens, and your chance to win something yum

Glutey tales: Barbara’s story

Coeliac disease has been around a looooong time, it's not a new disease. There are even reports of coeliac disease dating back to Roman times. Yup, 2000 years ago.Even so, we're still I believe very much at the beginnings of our understanding of coeliac disease, and it's lesser medically-accepted buddy gluten intolerance.I've been on a … Continue reading Glutey tales: Barbara’s story

Guest post: Feeding the intolerant

Feeding friends with food related CIA*s(CIA = Conditions/Intolerances/Allergies)Guest post by Janine Williams┬áJanine is one of the best people I know. She also happens to be a whiz in the kitchen and supporter for all us food challenged folk. Here's a guest post Janine wrote for me about her experiences cooking for friends with "CIA*s = … Continue reading Guest post: Feeding the intolerant